The days following the weekend, that just ended in San Benedetto del Tronto (AP), are characterized by an array of thoughts and reflections. The “XXVIII Seminario Nazionale T.K.F.A.” (24th and 25th March 2018), of our School, the Traditional Kung-Fu Association, has just ended, leaving behind a trail of memories and positive emotions. Without being lengthy and repetitive, this has been the “best stage ever”. Not to brag, but numbers and facts are clear: starting with a massive presence of increasing participants, as we haven’t seen for some time. The credit goes to the teachers of our school, who, without the unnecessary weight of the past, are growing faster and have learned to involve their students with verve and enthusiasm. Our reality is projected in the future like never before and this thanks to the depth of our roots, which in the figure of our Master, represent the main source of our growth. For this purpose we have prepared some summary sheets

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After twentyeight editions of our event, without ever having missed it once, we can only define him as “impeccable”, in his teaching, with his availability and with his words. Maestro Guidotti is always a great source of knowledge and at the same time he is able to lead to profound reflections. We appreciated that, as well as for his teaching and for his words, particularly during the meeting reserved for teachers and held on Saturday, March 24, at the conference hall of the Hotel, showing as always great availability to our needs.


The Maestro Erica Fava, assisted by the teacher Giancarlo Morganti, the collaborator Matteo Rosati and with the help of the boys from the school of San Benedetto Del Tronto, have contributed, as always, to organize the whole event without a flaw. With our approval given, we applaud them as the whole event took place smoothly and with great efficiency thanks to this “behind-the-scenes synergy”.


A prestigious topic, not as much for the techniques learned as for the concepts that Maestro Guidotti has explained and which make the “12 Hung Gar Bridges” an advanced subject and the core of the Hung family system. Thanks to its constant presence and comprehensiveness, the Master has been able to catalyze the attention of all the participants who enthusiastically attempted the study of the movements through a concrete and effective key to reading.


They have distinguished themselves for the fairness and the conduct, as always. Was nice to witness the generational comparison where the energy of the younger ones merged with the experience of the older ones. The event has seen the massive presence of participants ranging all the way from four years old up to octogenarians. An environment where the infectious enthusiasm was confusing, mixing younger and older pupils, gladly interweaving each other, often swapping their roles friendly and harmoniously.


Listed below, regardless of their title, they teach and are officially recognized by Maestro Guidotti, it is just fair to highlight them for their presence but above all for their constant commitment to teaching. Thanks to their passion they correctly instruct their students in what their Master himself transmits to them. This only wants to be a small recognition for the continuous efforts that contribute in making our reality grow in a positive way:

(in alphabetical order)

Ancona (AN)
Davide Lucarelli – Laura Polverini

Ascoli Piceno (AP) [SiuLam KungFu School]
Valerio Celani Salvador Spataro

Basel-Basilea (Svizzera)
Claudia Zampaloni

Borgo San Lorenzo
Mello Tommaso

Bountiful – UTAH (U.S.A. – United States of America)
Marco Biondo

Casette Verdini (MC)
Andreucci Francesco MariaGiorgio Giustozzi

Centobuchi (AP)
Sylvia Guidotti

Chieti (CH)
Giuseppe Curlante

Empoli (FI)
Leonardo Bini

Fabriano (AN)
Riccardo SpitoniBruno Mezzopera

Lugo (RA)
Giovanni Farina

Orciano (PU)
Godi Simone

San Benedetto del Tronto (AP)
Giancarlo MorgantiErica FavaSylvia Guidotti

Senigallia (AN)
Roberto De CostanzoLuca Pergolesi

Viareggio (LU)
Carlo Palagi


(in alphabetical order)

Carlo Palagi
(mix di MiZong Quan e FoZhang Men)

Claudia Zampaloni
(Hung Gar KwanLun Ghim)

Erica Fava
coadiuvata dal suo gruppo di TaiJiQuan-QiGong San Benedetto del Tronto con: Adelaide, Anna, Bruna, Claudio, Danila, Donatella, Fiorella, Giuseppina, Grejs, Ignazia, Lilly, Mario, Mariarita, Michaela, Michela, Vittorio
(mix TaiJiQuan e QiGong)

Francesco Maria Andreucci Federico Orazi
(Choy Lay Fat Siu Lam Guan)

Giovanni Farina
(QiXing TangLang PengPu Quan)

Giulia D’Angelo
(Hung Gar TidJin Kuen)

Jennifer De FilippiMichael De Filippi
(YangShi TaiJi Fan – Choy Lay Fat Fei Loong Sin)

Sylvia Guidotti
(TaiJi TangLang Zhan MaDao)

Tommaso Mello
and the children of the schools: Borgo San Lorenzo (FI) and San Benedetto del Tronto (AP)
(GingLi – the official greeting of our School)


Participation was massive and everyone committed themselves to the maximum in a climate of friendship and mutual cooperation. There is a breath of new air and each participant, especially those who have been taking part in the seminar for some years, has noticed this change. Let us state that all the schools present and the teachers have distinguished themselves in an harmonious atmosphere, helping and supporting each other, independently of the group they belong to: one great Family, under the guidance of the same Master.

A “good day starts from the morning” and the School of Ancona is bearing its fruit with great participation and commitment. Thanks to the diligence of the teacher Davide Lucarelli, day by day we can see the results of this work and therefore, a note of merit goes to all the boys, who arrived numerous from the Doric capital and full of contagious enthusiasm.

The group representing the “Siu Lam Kung Fu School“, founded by Maestro Celani Valerio in the city of Ascoli Piceno, has particularly shone, blending perfectly with our reality, so much so as not to notice any difference with our school. The personal relationship between our ShiGong and ShiFu Celani is growing, thanks to the affinity of views, mutual esteem and common intentions. Thanks to their friendship and collaboration, it has been possible to achieve in reality the saying: “the Traditional Martial Arts unite practitioners, they do not divide them” and the atmosphere of the internship has highlighted this aspect, not just words but real facts, under everyone’s sight.

The “Mello’s team“: what to say? During the internship, it was wonderful to watch Tommaso follow his own kids, Margherita and little Giacomo, as well as the other children, transmitting his passion to them. A family in the family.

The “boys of Macerata“, despite the difficulties, are growing and slowly have become an essential reference in the area where they work. Now that they are maturing, they will soon become suitable to spread the traditional Kung-Fu in the Macerata area with seriousness. We expect remarkable things from them.

The “American Dream“, Marco Biondo, teacher in our school in Utah (USA), he is realising his dream while keeping in touch with his Italian roots. This year he brought with him one of his pupils (Sultan), a boy from Qatar ex-practitioner of MuayThai in America, now very passionate about our Kung-Fu. Thanks to Marco, despite the distance and difficulties, our school in the United States is gathering support and to have their representation here present at our seminar was nice, especially because we are increasingly aware that there are no borders, thanks to the universal language of the Traditional Chinese Kung-Fu.

From Switzerland with passion“: it is not the title of a new film on martial arts, but it is simply a recognition to Claudia Zampaloni, who despite her demanding job that leads her to travel around the world and give conferences everywhere, is able to carve out spaces to cultivate her passion and to never miss appointments like this one.

The exhibition: showed a great progress from those who participated. All were very good and no mistakes, on the contrary: the strong emotions have pierced the hearts of many and given everyone unforgettable moments. The level was very high, thanks to the quality of the performances of the participants who distinguished themselves each in their own way, giving unforgettable moments and touching the most diverse strings of the feelings of each of us.
Keep it up! To them goes our “Grazie” and our “Bravo”.

The Whole“: here we collect what really gives a real meaning to our event, to all those who have not been mentioned in this article, but who represent the backbone of our school. They are not anonymous participants, each of them has a name and they also deserve to be mentioned here. They are silent, shy, discreet students, but passionate and willing, the ones working hard, in a group and always present, do not show off and never complain. Impossible to name them all, but they deserve our praise and a heartfelt thanks for being there, present.


We draw inspiration by the title of this article “Kung-Fu National Seminar 2018: Difficult to talk about it”. there are many things that should be said and people to be individually praised, we would need pages on pages and it probably wouldn’t be enough. This the reason why it is so difficult to talk about such an event in a newsletter, because to fully understand it, should be experienced in person, savouring all its aspects.

As our Master always says:

Living is a matter of Present and Past, and if we are satisfied with it, then we have lived fully. I gladly leave the Future to the astrologers and their predictions as i am what i am thanks to what i have been!

Events such as this one remain in the hearts of those who participated, a memory that one day will be told as those stories and legends that thanks to tradition, have reached us and inspire us, helping us to improve. We were there, plunged in the environment, and what we experienced was something truly moving.

Waiting on the next event: thank you Maestro Guidotti, thank you fellows!